“Moonglass are amazing. Not only did they go way past what was asked of them, they nailed the mood of the film and I can’t thank them enough”
…… Gerard Lohan, Film Director

“I put the show’s success down in significant part to the original score ……
they are very accomplished and versatile musicians who understand fully how theatre works and how stories are told …… Moonglass created a highly sophisticated soundscape that held the whole show together.”

…… Guy Hollands, Artistic Director

“Stephen and Nigel are very talented composers and sound designers. They have tremendous attention to detail and I’m always delighted with their work.”
…… Iftekhar Gafar, Film Director

“In my situation, I’m usually asking composers to respond in a ridiculous time frame in quite a chaotic environment. Moonglass have never let me down or compromised their work.”
…… Neil Packham, Director